“Hey Wholesalers…

Convert Your Trashed leads into CA$H”

If I can turn those trashed leads into CA$H in your pocket, would that interest you?
• Low/No Equity
• Sellers want 2 much
• Any Leads you are not working

Submit your dead leads and get paid a fee if/when we close escrow on the property.
All deals are tracked to pay you accordingly at settlement.

We handle the entire process from initial contact to settlement!

Our fee payment structure is simple:

1-5 leads – $600/lead
5+ – $1000/lead

Please enter as much information as possible to help us get a better picture of the deal and allow us to do the best job underwriting this potential deal.

Please include pictures and any supporting documents.
(Use the attachment option or the link to Dropbox/Google Drive below)

Just submit your Lead property address to the right and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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PR Cloud Pro LLC
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Phoenix, ARIZONA 85043
Phone: 480-660-3871

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